pneumatic compression

Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) is a device that consists of a centralized air-pumping machine that is connected to a sleeve with multiple chambers. When fitted over a limb or body region, the sleeve is inflated causing it to squeeze or compress the area of the body contained within. The sensation feels like a massage. The inflating and deflating movement of IPC supports your circulation, creating healthy movement of blood and lymph fluids. When the sleeves compress, they help the blood flow from your body to your heart. When they relax, oxygen rich blood flows back to your limbs. 

Compression therapy is thought to improve performance, reduce soreness, aid in faster after exercise recovery and reduce the risk of blood clots. It is especially useful to reduce swelling, or lymphedema. Proper lymphatic drainage is important to health and wellness. Post-surgical swelling can also be addressed with IPC. It is an excellent adjunct to a speedier recovery after lipo surgeries to help encourage fluid drainage. It is also a complimentary treatment for management of varicose veins.   Pneumatic compression can be utilized with other Advanced Body Solution treatments for better wellness and beauty results.