aarc led light bed

Research has shown that the cellular benefits of LED Light Therapy permeate down into the tissues, organs and systems providing a preventative and restorative effect on chronic pain, wound healing as well as improving skin tone by increasing collagen production and tightening elastin. The AARC LED Light Bed is on the cutting edge of innovative light therapy treatments. It offers a full body light therapy bed that uses Photobiomodulation–wavelength, pulse and dose optimized–to deliver systemic benefits from head to toe. Its multiple wavelengths mean multiple healing responses.

LED Light Therapy has been —- in detoxification of waste and free radicals. It can assist in an increase of nutrient transfer, the restoration of energy metabolism and mitochondrial function. It has also been used to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. By increasing energy and nutrients and reducing toxicity and inflammation, cells, which are the building blocks of your tissues and organs, become healthier.

While all of the mechanisms are still uncertain, the abundance of research from clinical trials suggests that a broad range of benefits can be felt from supplementation with LED Light Therapy. In practice many find that AARC LED Light Bed therapy helps them feel better, improves performance, sharpens cognitive function, reduces pain and augments whole body health and wellness. At Advanced Body Solutions we have found that the treatment outcomes users experience in practice often exceed the predictions of research.

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AARC LED Light Bed
AARC LED Light Bed treatment combined with Muscle Stim