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LED Light Bed Therapy

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LED Light Bed Therapy

Since 1996 researchers have shown that the cellular benefits of LED Light Therapy cascade down into the tissues organs and systems providing a preventive and restorative effect on chronic pain, wound healing as well as improving skin-tone by increasing collagen production and tightening elastin.

The cellular benefits seem to include 4 key activities.

  • Detoxification of waste and free radicals
  • Increase in nutrient transfer
  • Restoration of energy metabolism and mitochondrial function
  • Reduction in Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

Think about it, if you can increase energy and nutrients, and reduce toxicity and inflammation, then the cells, which are the building blocks of your tissues and organs, get healthier. You get healthier, and this is done with light, free of pain and side effects. You just get better.

Change the cells and you change your life.