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Facial Endermologie

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Facial Endermologie

Clarify your complexion, Diminish wrinkles, and Tone and Lift facial contours

The new Ergolift Treatment head has an integrated micro-motor (MPF technology) and increases stimulation by 270%¹.

Key Benefits

  • 80% increase in Hyaluronic Acid. Skin is replumped and rehydrated from the inside
  • 46% increase in Elastin. Skin appears more supple and expression lines are relaxed
  • 21% decrease in the appearance of wrinkles. Skin density is boosted.
  • 23% increase in firmness. Slows collagen breakdown and accelerates growth of new collagen
  • Skin tone becomes twice as radiant due to the amount of pollution-fighting enzymes doubling to remove bad collagen

Is your skin looking tired and dull? Do you wish you could erase your wrinkles and re-create the definition that sagging skin has taken away? Think your only option is a painful, expensive, and invasive surgical procedure?

Think again. Endermologie clarifies your complexion, diminishes wrinkles, and lifts sagging skin, giving you the definition you once had – all with a quick, painless, non-invasive technique that will amaze you with immediate results.

Endermologie uses advanced mechanical stimulation and a mild suction to improve circulation and drain toxins. The stimulation also reactivates cellular metabolism, promoting collagen and elastin production, making skin firmer and more elastic.

Clarify your complexion

Time does a number on your skin. Stress, pollution, smoking, and sun exposure affect blood and lymphatic microcirculation, allowing toxins to accumulate. These toxins can’t be washed away – they’re systemic. As the toxins accumulate, the skin loses its luster, and skin tone can become irregular.

In just one 15-minute treatment, Endermologie promotes lymphatic drainage, ridding your body of the toxins that have built up. Microcirculation is improved, tissues are reoxygenated, and your complexion regains its fresh appearance and glow. The results are so immediate and apparent that it’s perfect before an evening out!

Diminish wrinkles

As we age, our cells slow their production of collagen and elastin. That’s when wrinkles begin to appear.

Endermologie promotes the production of collagen and elastin by reactivating cellular metabolism through mechanical stimulation. As collagen fibers form and the cellular structure is reorganized, wrinkles are “filled in” from within, fine lines are smoothed, and skin is rejuvenated.

Lift sagging skin to create definition

As we age, our skin sags, and our faces lose the beautiful definition that they once had. What was once a well-defined jawline can become a droopy jowl.

Sagging skin is caused by a lack of collagen and elastin. Endermologie stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, tightening the skin and redefining facial contours.